It has been days since I have been able to upload and update this Blog. We have completed: All insulation (exterior wall + floors (soy based spray foam) + interior walls (natural cotton fiber insulation), All drywall (Type-X + Water resistant Type-X), Enargy Star Rated Duro-Last Single ply membrane roofing system (white-Cool Zone/ reflectivity of 87.5%, Total emittance of 95%, SRI is 108), All exterior waterproofing (On exterior walls -2 layers of Vapro-Shiled - Wall Shield), Dex-o-Tex Weatherwear Waterproofing system on both exterior decks applied. Also, Interior Steel Stringers for stairs are in place.

Currently we are in the process of installing radiant heating PEX - Aluminum - PEX tubing, and bathroom tile installation is in the process.