The last ten days have been terrible; rain like it only rains here in Los Angeles on the month of February. The conditions at the jobsite are precarious; a mud pit. The few inches of rain have caused a serious delay on the continuity of this project. Steel erection has been postponed twice for both rain and Public Works & DOT Permits. The best solution to speed this up is to bring in 2 plates (8' X 10') of steel 1" thick and place them over the trenches in the backyard where the foundation for the detached garage is., then bring in the crane through the backyard. This project cannot wait any longer for the street permits to be issued; so we can park the crane which is erecting the steel columns in front of the property where parking is never allowed.  The ground will have at least 2.5 days to dry up a bit before we erect the steel this coming Friday.